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So! With a wonderful tour in Belarus and Russia to look back at we are happy to also announce future plans!!

LATIN AMERICA are you ready!?! We will be heading your way for our “Fire & Ashes” tour soon! Better get ready to party!

Check out IDL Entertainment for more info about our upcoming tour!

Good evening Russia and Belarus! Did you already get your tickets for the upcoming concerts? You will be seeing 2 headline shows and 5 shows in support to Cradle of Filth! Be there at:

12/05 Minsk | Belarus
14/05 St. Petersburg | Russia (headline show)
15/05 Moscow | Russia (headline show)
16/05 Yaroslave | Russia
17/05 Samara | Russia
18/05 Ufa | Russia
20/05 Krasnodar | Russia

The ‘Cradle of Filth’ – Xandria shows are organised by:

Russia total website

We have been asked in interviews to name the artists we ourselves listen to, but we have come up with a better way to introduce you to our favorites! Each Xandria member will create playlists for you to listen to which you can find on our official Spotify page.

What about…
Marco’s 90’s Gothicmetal – jam!
Dianne’s Female Fronted – jam!
Steven’s New stuff – jam!

Click on one of the playlists to start listening straight away!

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Those of you who have been checking our social media channels on a regular basis have already seen our latest studio pictures. And those receiving our newsletter have read that in March and April we took a little time off from the road to focus on song writing. Though we will not reveal too much of what we are up to we do recommend to check out all posts with the hashtag ‘#Xandrianova’ and invite you to enjoy this little clip with the first moving pictures and audio (attention: teaser!) of our latest writing session!

Here we go! The very first moving pictures and audio 😜 of our latest writing session.. #xandrianova

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Spotify has made this awesome playlist called ‘Women of Metal’ where we are not only featured with a few of our best songs, you will also hear our Dianne introduce you to the playlist and speak about how she has been influenced by Tarja Turunen!

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