We have found a new partner in music and here is our very own Marco telling us all about it:

“We are glad to be official partners of Steinberg now, who made history with Cubase and Nuendo, the most advanced and flexible audio sequencer software on the market. Many of the studios we have been producing our albums in are using Cubase or Nuendo, so when listening to our albums you are aware of the quality level that can be achieved with it. Our productions are very sophisticated because of the many layers of band and orchestral sounds that have to be combined, and this can only be done with the best and state-of-the-art systems. We have also been using Steinberg software to help us writing and arranging our songs before going into the studio, enabling us to have a continuous workflow from the start to the final result. It´s fantastic to now being able to co-op with Steinberg, so we can always be up to date with the latest software and even have close contact to the developers. That will make our creative work even more smooth and enhanced!”

Visit the Steinberg website for more information.

Europe start your countdown because we are getting ready for 3 weeks of touring together with our friends from Serenity and support from Jaded Star ! So let’s all get our calendars out and write down the following dates:

Febr tour flyer02/02 – Logo | Hamburg | DE
03/02 – Colos Saal | Aschaffenburg | DE
04/02 – Backstage | Munchen | DE
05/02 – Central | Linz | AT
06/02 – Kofmehl | Solothurn | CH
07/02 – LIVE23, Bosco Marengo | Alessandria | IT

09/02 – Divan Du Monde | Paris | FR
10/02 – Underworld | London | UK
11/02 – De Flux | Zaandam | NL
12/02 – Matrix | Bochum | DE
13/02 – Factory | Mageburg | DE
14/02 – K17 | Berlin | DE

16/02 – Masters of Rock Cafe | Zlin | CZ
17/02 – Szene | Wien | AT
18/02 – Rock it | Aalen | DE
19/02 – Live-Club | Bamberg | DE
20/02 – Kammgarn | Kaiserslautern | DE
21/02 – Biebob | Vosselaar| BE

Fire-and-Ashes over Taiwan
Yes it’s true! Next to China and Japan we will also travel to ánd perform in TAIWAN!

On the 15th of December we will be in Taipei to give our very first show ever in Taiwan. To all of those who are able to visit the show: thank you for inviting us to your country! Now let’s celebrate together!

Fire-and-Ashes over JapanToday we proudly announce that our December journey will not only bring us to China.. but also to Japan! With these 2 new shows added to our travels to Asia we are overly exited and more than ready to make our debut there!

The shows will be held on the 16th of December in Osaka, and on the 17th in Tokyo! More information –  venue names, ticket links and more- will follow as soon as possible.

a0278645001_10The tribute album to Sonata Arctica​ for which we recorded ‘Don’t Say a Word’, that also features on our “Fire & Ashes” EP, has been released. The album is up for sale via Quergh Records and can be purchased via this link.

Other bands that have contributed to the album are, to name a few, Stream of Passion​ and Van Canto​.

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