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As you could see, our web shop was facing some severe problems the past weeks and had to be taken off whilst we are working on it to have it run again asap. So please bear with us for some more time. We hope to be back with the shop shortly.

However, there is also good news on the merchandise front: We will release a new design next week when playing Leipzig / Germany (Friday, October 18th) at Hellraiser as well as Z7 (Pratteln / Switzerland) on Sunday, Oct 20th. Until the webshop is running again, you will get the shirt only on the concerts.
Please check the new “generic” Xandria design. Enjoy!

And one more good news: There had been a very last stock of the beautiful Xandria necklace which EMP had produced and that was supposed to be sold out already. We got that stock and will be selling it exclusively now on the concerts and later in the new webshop!