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Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s true. There were some rumors already, but we can now confirm:
We just hit the studio! We are recording! We are recording the successor to “Neverworld’s End” and already can’t wait to share the result with you. Well, that’s still quite some way to go, but we will feed you with some bits and pieces over the next weeks and months. So – please keep following us on facebook, keep checking our web site and let’s get started for the next chapter in Xandria. 2014 here we come!
We can promise that this will be for all of you who loved “Neverworld´s End” – it will be huge & bombastic and we will even go a step further…

In the picture you can see our co-producer Joost van den Broek together with three of us in the heart of the Sandlane Recording Studios in the Netherlands.