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The new bass player!


The name of the new Xandria bass player is Steven Wussow, and he will debut on stage with us in April and May when we are going to play Russia, Belarus, Argentina and Brazil!
He is known for his work with bands like Domain, Shylock and Illectronic Rock, and we are thrilled to have found THE candidate we had been chasing for over the past months!
Statement from Steven: “On stage I feel at home and it’s the streets where my heart is. Having passed a few lights and crossroads in my search, I am happy to finally have found my partners in crime I was looking for!”
We are excited to start our upcoming live and recording endevours with Steven - because this year Xandria will also hit the studio again for the next album! Yes, as we said, this year will be a hell of a ride!

Here you can get to know the new Xandria member a bit more!