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We feel urged to warn any fans intending to attend the “Bloody Sunset Part II” event in Nordhausen, Germany, this Friday, Dec 21st. Apparently the promoter has disappeared or is trying to play an unfair game on purpose.
Neither has Xandria received anything of the beforehand mutually agreed fee so far, nor had any relevant information on the show been given to the band.
In order to not lose too much money (band bus needs to be rented, the crew needs to be paid, the band needs to travel), chances are likeky the band cannot be there, unless the festival-promoter will follow up on his duties.
Xandria so much wanted and wants to play this last concert in 2012. But the unreliable promoter currently is avoiding this.
We will keep you posted if the show is going to happen! Right now it would be a miracle…